Time for compilations and tributes!

Looks like all the compilations we decided to took part in the last months decided to go on line in the same period, so maybe it’s a good idea to sum everything here in a post for anyone who don’t want to lose all our efforts 🙂

First of all, here’s the complete “Spazzin To The Oldies – A Tribute To Spazz” compilation, featuring great bands and great friends too. We recorded “Dewey Decimal Stitchcore” for it


The second one is our personal tribute of one of our favourite bands of all time, Capitalist Casualties, you can find it Operation Grindcore vol III. No words needed, if you’re into grindcore, powerviolence and stuff you’ll surely know Vii Caso and his great blog


Last but not least, we’re also in Violence Vol. 4 by The Death Of A Modernist, compilation with 70 tracks of bands from all over the world. We’re just in the middle, hope you find us 🙂


That’s all for now, enjoy!

1A 2A 3A

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