KMSSS17 inches Split xKATExMOSHx/Sete Star Sept (2014)
Out on: Distrozione diy label, Don Carlos Productions, Epileptic Media, Glass To The Face Records, Goodbye Mankind, Good Times Records, Hackebeil Records, I Feel Good Records, No Bread!, Nut’s Tape, Prejudice Me, ToxicxSelexCrewx, Zas Autoproduzioni Rec.
500 copies in red wax


7 inches Split xKATExMOSHx/FxAxSxTx (2013)
Out on T.V.G. Records (#37)
100 copies on red wax + sticker
500 copies in black wax


Discography so far (2013)
Out on Knochentapes (KT#27)

________________________________________________________________disegno cla copertina split prova37 inches Split FatalNunchaku/xKATExMOSHx (2013). Out on: Aim Down Sight, Dead Chemists Records, Dickhead distro, Cimurro DIY, Eatshitbuydie Distro, Ebruitez records, EveryDayHate Records, Farce Attack!, Fondation Weinberg, Hygiene Records, Get Syro, No Bread! Records, No Way Asso, Wee Wee Records, You’re Next Records, Bad Feeling Records.

ameise 7inch cover template
Selftitled 7 inches – (2012).
Out on: Black Fire Records, Copsarecords, Dickhead Distro, Eatshitbuydie Distro, Here and now, Rebound Action, xLack Recordsx, Roma Brucia, Obdura Distro, Badfeeling Records

fastviolenceFAST//VIOLENCE – sampler
Out on
Knochentapes (KT#27)


    • Here Is The Unity – Italian cover copilation – cd (2012).
      xKATExMOSHx partecipate with “Deaf and Dumb” (Charles Bronson) and “Bullshit tradition” (Dropdead)
    • Skaterock vol. 2 – Carnepodrida – out on Rebel to rebel skateboarding (2012).
      xKATExMOSHx partecipate with “Dictionaries Revenge” from the s/t 7 inches

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