Zines/Blogs – Blog run by blog VII Caso, greart resource for grind and powerviolence
– really good greek zine – Al Quint’s Suburban Voice, no introduction needed – great zine from Greece – best italian blog about grind, powerviolence, noise – another great italian webzine – probably the most complete italian webzine – Radio Fango blog – another very good italian webzine – our friend Luby’s blog – really cool and dedicated webzine from Netherlands – new blog of some well know friends and opinionist about music and general discomfort – Pulce’s blog, no introduction needed – Farce Attack Record’s blog, excellent source of links and reviews

Bands you should know – FxAxSxTx, fastcore side project of Crippled Fox from Hungary – Fatal Nunchaku, powerviolence from France, our future splitmates! – Repulsione, powerviolence from Bologna, xKATEx’s best friends – Injury Broadcast, roman thrash at its best – Faxe, raw d-beat from Paris – Virulent Mass, killer powerviolence from Russia

Labels – Aim Down Sight Records (Germany) – Black Fire Records (Italy)
– Cimurro D.I.Y. (Italy)
– Copsarecord distro label mailorder (Italy) – Dead Chemists Records (UK) – Dickhead Records (Italy)– Eatshitbuydie (Netherlands) – EveryDayHate (Poland) – Farce Attack Records (France) – Gxextx Syro (Italy) –  Here and Now Records (Italy) – Hygiene Records (USA) – No Bread! Records (Russia) – No Way Asso (France) – Rebound Action Records (Italy) – TVG Records (Germany) – You’re Next Records (Israel)


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