Those dark years before blast beat was invented
Who think Middle Age
Was centuries far?

The real dark age was
Be-fore nineties eighty seven

Our god’s called – Napalm Death
Owe you all – Napalm Death

Love blastbeat – is good for you
Love blasbeat – and you’ll never get flu

Beaver wasn’t a good choice
You just think
that is cool
hanging in the wild
In the trees
feel the breeze
don’t know – you’ll scream – please

It just seemed so sweet
It was reclaiming my meat

Beavers ain’t the best choice
To show around you like beasts
Next time cunt
just try with a pony

Stabbed in a cockfight
Slice his calf, go!
stab all around

Spend your free time in a basement
with some assholes share excitement

Forget the cock
Forget it’s armed

Stabbed by a bird
what shall your wife think?

Sharp force injury – Said the autopsy
the armed cock – was called Rocky

Feel the heat
Pissed of staring – at these four walls
Everything’s missing – even shadows

Aberrant thoughts moving forward
Just like nudges hit my cheekbone

Have no real goal
buried in shit
a mind clouded
in a dull present

Cross my arms – just to feel the heat

Mind the ants
Sit, rest, fall, sleep, dream on
mind the ants
stay there, all night, it’s safe
mind the ants
Sit, rest, fall, sleep, dream on
mind the ants
stay there, all night, it’s safe
mind the ants

doesn’t happen only in
Indiana Jones films
mind the ants!

Something lives beyond your presumption
Like a ghost
at the shows
Look for your face
no one saw it for ages

Launch proclaims on social networks
Think I’m envy, I just laugh at you

Strawberry fear forever
They take me down
Can’t see them around

See their color and their shape
They look like small ugly faces
Wish they ain’t so fucking real
One by one I’d love to kill

Strawberry fear – strawberry fear
For-e-ver – strawberry fear

disegno cla copertina split prova3Better living through self surgery

When you’re all alone or you realize
That trust no one is better
If you’re surrounded by assholes

Leonid Rogozov, this is for you
And the sickness you passed through

Act alone!
Trust no one!

All of them – masturbate – their members – chat roulette!
Give shelter – to all perverts – enter there – chat roulette!

Exotic madness adapted – to all those who – enjoy spreading humiliation and denigration
Random rooms made just for dirty adults
Pay their lack of shame with deserved insults
He says love your couch
This means no
Take too many liberties
Try the next

All of them – masturbate – their members – chat roulette!

Dragonforce aren’t a force
Where’s two quarters?
Where the blastbeat?
You’re a crowd on stage
I prefer to your shit the 4’33” of John Cage!

Dragonforce ain’t a force
you ain’t my idol, got no remorse!

When you scream you make me sick
You may think that – you play so fast
I’d broke your neck – fucking wankers
Cut out your scales – wankers

Curse you with voodoo
I’m so pissed off of your presence
I can’t stand your face, you are indecent

What I’m doing – You don’t know
As I’ll curse you – Your pain will grow
And your puppet – I will sting
Then I’ll burn it – On the hill

Shall I ask God
To waste your blood?
I’ve found much better
Just need your picture
Give me some black magic
I’ll make you real bad

Piggy eyes
I can’t hide my pain and repulsion
As you come by so recklessly
With your dirty hand and your snack
Look down on me with your piggy eyes

You bastard fat kid
Stop eating that shit

Chiesa di merda
Chiesa di merda!!!! (many times)

Turtles should sue you
You behave – Just like a thief
Don’t belong – The sings I see
Recognize – On the walls
Symbols that – you don’t own

Writers, poets, turtles too
It’s your background so fucking poor?

Say – bye bye
It’s been – a bad try
Back – in the sewer ahahahahaha

ameise 7inch cover template


Old fascists suck twice
Don’t take for granted
don’t be so sure
even if you’re so old

and everybody respect you
it doesn’t mean I’ve got to regard
someone who talk like an asshole

These old say
Italy with fascism worked

we’re really tired to hear
these talking nonsense

old fascist are same shit than young

No reason to hurry up
Wait without
faith without
pain without
life without

well, there’s no need
to hurry up
for something
you don’t even know

no need, no time
what you’re really asking for?

We’re crawling
we’re crawling
without legs
without them

but we still don’t know
something we lack
we don’t have any legs

no legs at all
no legs and arms at all

My tea
Here’s my cattle
all I wanna do is putting it on
on the fire
all I wanna drink is my tea

all I want, all I’ll drink
no beer no wine
tea, my tea, my tea!

Assholes can’t go fast
All my head
all my head aches
you can’t go faster
is that a fast song?

if you can go faster than this
why don’t you play
in a fucking doom band?
solos, mosh and beatdown
metalcore is shit, metalcore sucks

Dictionaries’ revenge
Questions? Any doubts?
questions? need to know?
Questions? google search
Any doubts? wikipedia
more doubts? look for FAQs
need of friends? Facebook

There’s no knowledge on the web
only a sum of answers
to feed you ignorace

There’s no knowledge
There’s no wisdom
Dictionaries’ revenge!

No one hail us because we’re gatecrashers
There’s no point in what we say
all that matters is what we do
we don’t want to be on flyers
we don’t need to do the soundcheck
gatecrush gatecrush
it’s our way
gatecrusher attack
it’s our only way to be

Something must be wrong
There’s some wrong inside of me?
or something wrong about you?
when I listen to your shit
you even dare to call it punk?

There’s some wrong inside of me?
or something wrong about you?
something somehow
must have been wrong
you’re a bunch of stupid,
spoiled wannabe

Worn my shoes
Worn out shoes by an odd season
Don’t think I have any prospective
projects, whatever, in a shot term

I want just live
with no distress
and I’ve despised
who told me what to do

I’ve just worn my shoes
walking around

Well I say that
they punmp you full of drugs
and they want you
to stay in trance!

can you say no to medicines
can you refuse inhibitions
sanitariums just enchain you!

You failed (In one way or another)
Dead dear dear goddam
dead goddam
dead god

If you’re perfect why
you made us so wrong?
you made such a bad job
so why should we praise you?

did you know what to do
when you made us?
Dead dear dead

The happy war song
Dead soldiers in a mission
now they’re buried,
the country’s sorry

but there’s no regret
on innocents’ grave

bring the peace
bring the peace with guns

Even if you were a fireman I’d blame you
What the fuck you wear?
I don’t mind you call it duty
and you fell it’s like a mission
uniforms suck
you suck even more
uniforms suck
you suck even more

even if you were a fireman
I’d blame you!

Disgraceful core
We can’t play like Cannibal Corpse
but we’re pleased to run even more

If we slow down
it’s ’cause all we wanna do
doesn’t have to do
with something to demonstrate
disgraceful core

Enemies of modern food
Eat all this food
do you see? it’s all good
brings you good mood
until it make you blow up

Will you preserve well?
as you will be going stale
borrow some more venom
from a shelf you’re used to trust

You’re so poisoned
you’ll look so fine dead

Shake the Pope
There was a man that
quite everyone used to love
he was so sweet even if
he used to tremble so much

who was that
old white man?
Shaking Pope
Giovanni Paolo

Old bastard
shake in hell


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